Blogs and things I’ve written for the sector are collected here.

The 25 years of my working life has spanned commercial and charity sectors, consumer and business-to-business, small and large organisations. I have worked primarily in marketing, with specific functional expertise on strategic marketing, communications, branding, innovation and charity fundraising.PV headshot

My job is leading Oxfam’s public fundraising, a team of over 60 marketing and fundraising professionals bringing in over £85m per annum for one of the UK’s biggest charities.

I am currently on a one year sabbatical experiencing life working for a small campaigning charity, People & Planet, doing more of my share of the invisible labour at home plus fitting in speaking and banging on about things in my spare time. I recently researched and presented a piece at IFC 2017 on how charities need to transform in the face of digital disruption to their core business models.

I am a member of the Institute of Fundraising and on the Advisory Panel for Rogare, the Fundraising Think Tank, a board member of Oxfam Sweden and Trustee for Think Global.

I have an avid interest in trying to make the world a better place. Outside of my day job I read, talk and think a lot about this. This site is aimed to help by bringing new thoughts and external perspectives primarily, but not exclusively, aimed at the world of fundraising. I hope you find it stimulating. Whether you agree with me or not I’d be interested in your views – leave a comment on the site or Twitter me, @paulvanags.